The world’s oldest buildings are more than amazing. Here are some of the stars that illustrate just how advanced the Stone Age builders were.

Oldest Uncovered, from ca. 12,000 years ago

Gobekli Tepe, Anatolia

When they realized when these shrines were made, the traditional timelines for human development were instantly passe. Predating agriculture, which developed in this same area, by several hundred years, the dozens of stone circles were deliberately reburied and hidden. Decorated columns suggest a fascinating picture.

Anthropomorphic column, Gobekli Tepe

Archaeologists are currently excavating loads of sites nearby that are even older.

Karahantepe, Anatolia

Most Iconic

Stonehenge, Sarsen Circle, about 4,700 years old
Newgrange Passage Tomb, Ireland, about 5,200 years old

Once one starts looking, there are websites full of them –
All built with NO MONEY!

(the structures, not the websites)

Oldest Freestanding, from ca. 5,800 years ago

Mnajdra Temple, Malta

There are more than 23 places on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo where it is known that megalithic “temples” once existed. Four survive today, still standing with floors and walls enclosing space. The advanced people who created them vanished abruptly and without explanation about 4,500 years ago.

Hagar Qim Temple, Malta

There is an underground mortuary temple of the same time period that is extraordinary for a number of reasons presented elsewhere on this website. It has some features the temples carved out.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta

Possible Bronze Age Copycats

Megalithic “Tomb of the Giants” , Sardinia
Megalithic Tomb, Menorca