My job is to manage this mind-bending exercise.  Applying one’s thinking to the philosophy of megalithic monument cultures in prehistory takes a little effort, but it’s worth it.  It’s going to fun to explore as we try to consider from either side of this thing you call “civilization”.    

The posts that follow will be coming from imaginary members of the Stone Age community, who will tell you what they do with their lives.  We’ll be sharing some of our traditions if you are interested.  Oh, and the great truths, perhaps!   We’ll see how we go.

We have very different ways of thinking, you know.  Stone Age people do not think in straight lines as you do.  It’s very difficult!  It must be that you start teaching your young from the time they are babies.  Oh babies… of course we have babies.   We are people the same as you are.  Most of us do not live in caves any more, and we groom our hairs.  Also, we do not usually wear the skins of animals unless the air is cold.  It’s a personal choice, but there are fashions from place to place.  It’s just like you have.  But let me circle back and just share something that has been bothersome.

Your time fascinates us, Readers in the Present.  But if you are going to identify all of humanity for millions of turnings of the summer solstice by saying “they used stone tools”, and leave it at that, it’s just insulting.  How can you have an entire telling about the “Neolithic”, and it’s all about agriculture, and nobody says a word about our magnificent buildings with their brilliant engineering or the beautiful organization of works it takes to make them?!  How can you believe in a deaf past that has no sound?!  Seriously!  Who talks about the commitment of learning the endless verses of song that carry the traditions of memory and identity? 
Please . . .  give me a break.

All right.  Let’s get on with the Prehistoric Job Descriptions.

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